The loose vagina has been a great fear for most women. Although it is both intimidating and embarrassing, it is very normal since the vagina is made up of elastic tissues that easily stretch and become loose. A loose vagina is major as a result of frequent intercourse and childbirth. Below are tips on how to make vagina tighter.


  • Kegel exercises. This type of exercise involves tightening the muscles of the pelvic floor and holding the contraction for a few second before relaxing. Repeating this process over time strengthens the pelvic floor helping you tighten your vagina and prevent urine incontinence at the same time.
  • It strengthens the vaginal walls making the vagina tighter.
  • It has a set of exercises that contracts and expands the muscles of the pelvic floor. Regular practices of yoga lead to a tight vagina.

V-tight Gel

The V-tight gel is a naturally manufactured cream that strengthens and tightens the vagina. This cream works faster when combined with pelvic floor exercises.

Herbal remedies

  • Aloe vera. This herb is used for strengthening the walls of the vagina and also lubricating the vagina. The use of aloe vera to tighten a loose vagina is a traditional method.
  • Secret Ceres. It is a natural stick that strengthens and cleans the vagina. Also, the stick also increases sexual desire and sensation and moisturizes a dry vagina. Also, it has a good scent that removes vaginal odor and balances the pH of the vaginal fluids.
  • Witch hazel. This herb is ground into a powder then used to wash the genitals. It tightens the vagina muscles.



  • A healthy diet which includes fatty acids found in fish, avocados and soy products, lots of fruits, vegetables also ensures a healthy and tighter vagina. If you want a tighter vaginal should also include strawberries, citrus fruits, guava, red pepper, kiwi and spinach in your diet.5. Vaginoplasty.
  • This is a surgical procedure that is aimed at tightening the vagina and vulva. Most women opt to go for surgery to fasten their loose vagina, especially after childbirth. Apart from increasing the vaginal elasticity it also increases sensation during intercourse. Sometimes this process is combined with labiaplasty to ensure that the outer labia is also tightened. All the above mention remedies help tighten the vagina and keep it healthy. The v-tight gel and vaginoplasty are a bit costly while the rest are home remedies that do not involve spending a lot of money. The choice of the remedy depends on your financial status and how fast you want to tighten your vagina