Recommended Foods That Can Reduce The Ageing Process

You may not realise this, but a lot of what we eat and drink has to do on how we age. Therefore, rather than spend your money on expensive creams, change your diet to other quality foods and not only your skin will look better, but your health will improve as well.

It has been proved by scientific tests that what we eat and drink has an impact on how we look and the diseases that can develop like heart disease, diabetes and reduced kidney function are just a few of the many that can pop up.
Although many of the foods we eat in the Western world have great nutritional value they may not cut it as being great for your aging process. According to skin specialists the consumption of dairy products and red meat will contribute to wrinkles, increase in cellulite, brittle finger nails and in some cases dry hair.
A test study of participants over the age of 70 who frequently ate red meat and dairy products showed more skin wrinkles than those who rarely ate them. The researchers found that this condition could be due to molecules called advanced glycation end products, which are the main course of wrinkles.

5 Foods That Increase Aging –
Foods that cause and accumulate advanced glycation end products are:
Burnt foods
Red meat
Dairy products
However, butter or/and margarine and sugar are also amongst the highest ageing foods.
These foods will cause damage to your skin by attaching and linking the advanced glycation end products with your collagen and elastin fibers which reduces the bodys ability to repair them and contribute to superficial ageing.

Best Foods To Fight Ageing –
While doing tests on diabetics, German researchers found that those taking an anthocyanin supplement daily had a reduced abnormal collagen production. This means that Anthocyanin rich foods can be just as effective as supplements that supply red, purple and black pigments which help to protect the skin.
These foods are:
Purple salad leaves
Kumatoes these are tomatoes that have a blackish skin colour.

Other foods that are low in advanced glycation end products are:
Whole grains rolled oats.

Tips To Turning Back Time –
As mentioned in the first paragraph, what you drink is also very important. Avoid less alcohol and drink more water. When drinking water, try to drink the best quality that you can, it will help reduce dehydration of the skin, especially on the chest and face. However, dont forget fresh squeezed fruit juice to your liquid intake, apart from improving your skin it has other benefits.
Stay clear of burnt anything, like toast or fried meats and dont eat white breads and sugar.
Eat more of deep purple and red foods like fruits and vegetables.
If you have cravings for a grilled steak, marinate it with tomatoes, lemon and spices. This will reduce the formation of advanced glycation end products and will also enhance the flavor.